Mini 6Q Staying Healthy Assessment

The Mini Staying Healthy Assessment helps you spot the 6Q elements needed to stay healthy inside and out medical records, for health, leadership, and performance are integrated.

Look at the whole picture

Most people know that success needs health. Somehow, health also needs success, which is why people can suffer from a heart attack, stroke, insomnia, weight gain, and other stress-related illnesses after new challenges emerge. In this fast-changing world, health not only includes your diet, exercise, breath and heartbeats today, but also your level of being able to stay healthy tomorrow. The second part will also determine the challenge or job you can handle in the future.

Your level of staying healthy and Mini Be Your Best Quiz are free mini Staying Healthy Assessment.

Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctor Less” is for common issues. Complex issues often require the Executive 6Q Assessment or other complex Staying Healthy Assessments.

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