Build Level 5 Leadership vs Beat Rising Healthcare Cost

Build Level 5 Leadership vs Beat Rising Healthcare Cost

We have discussed how to build Level 5 leadership from different angles.  Now we are talking about how to beat rising healthcare cost.  Is there a connection between the two, looking at the hot topics below?

•    Take Your Leadership to Level 5 to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead or Beat Setbacks & Failures Ahead?
•    What Stops Leaders from Being Level 5?
•    Should A CEO Be Charming?
•    How to Retain Startup DNA?
•    What Is Missing in Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Screenings?
•    Why Google Behaves Differently When Beating Rising Healthcare Cost? 

The issues that we try to solve all have something to do with what is missing in traditional partial approaches except they have different symptoms and emerge at various stages that often starts with decision-making and ends with healthcare. What is missing in traditional partial approaches?

•    IQ and EQ tools cannot solve non-IQ and non-EQ issues efficiently, for example, adversity and self-care. Studies have found about 70% of primary clinical visits are stress-related or due to lack of the right tools to meet challenges.
•    Behavior tools can observe individuals 360 degrees but cannot anticipate development and health needs. Studies found that only 13% of companies can develop global leaders efficiently.
•    Healthcare is not set to find the missing tools but can provide expensive symptom relieves, and Doctors are often paid per visit or procedure.  In addition, not every doctor has the best knowledge. Some do unnecessary procedures. Some try to qualify their patients for more expensive procedures quicker…
•    In the meantime, most people cannot take care of self and use health system efficiently.

Without the right tools to handle non-IQ and non-EQ challenges, such as choosing the right direction, using the right people, handling setbacks, and restoring self, leaders can fail or end their journey too early.

When talent is not on the right track or does not have the right tools, they will not get the job done and take good care of self but can develop various health issues.

What is missing in leadership development and talent management gives healthcare the legitimate reason to provide endless and expensive symptom relieves, not to mention that businesses need to pay for many avoidable treatments, surgeries, emergency room visits, chronic illnesses, disabilities, and deaths.

The more people can meet challenges with the right tools, stay healthy, get well quickly if needed, the better businesses and individuals can beat rising healthcare cost.  The sooner businesses can start right, the more benefits they can enjoy along with their journeys, such as Level 5 leadership, hearts and minds, smooth project completions, and healthcare saving.  By working on health alone, the bills for endless and expensive symptom relieve and avoidable treatments, surgeries, disabilities, and deaths will keep on coming.  High deductions and co-pays can stop some unnecessary services but can also make small problems big or impossible and hurt work performance and loyalty.

Where Do You Want to Start?

About the Author

Bin Yang is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy (, a leading consulting firm that focuses on building exceptional leaders and beating rising healthcare costs to strengthen society and equal opportunities.  She is also the author of “What Stops Leaders from Good to Great.” For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture or appointment, please contact us at 310-668-1828.

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