Handle High-cost Health Claims Efficiently

Studies found high-cost health claims (average $122, 382 annually) can count 31% of total annual healthcare cost with 1.2% of members.  To help high-cost patients is a quick way to reduce business healthcare costs as well as individuals’ suffering.


In addition to individual health structure, what is missing in healthcare contributes to the high cost:

• Healthcare cannot handle non-health causes.
• Healthcare cannot fully utilize non-health healing power.
• Some treatments, surgeries, and procedures are unnecessary or unwise.

Handle High-cost Health Claims Efficiently

We often turn years of treatment in high-cost health claims into months, weeks or days since we can handle non-health causes, fully utilize non-health healing power and know how to choose the best shots in healthcare.  Below are some case studies:

Take Early Action

Usually, it is far more meaningful and cost-effective to anticipate the development needs and take early action than to rescue individuals at the hospital.  The first two case studies are good examples.  In addition, not all development needs have a fast solution; therefore, it is crucial to anticipate issues and make wise investments. The issues include systemic institution ones.

Here is how we handle high-cost claims.

Here is the program that will take your whole team to the next level.