How We Help Clients

How We Help Clients?

Identify the Missing Tools and Target Issues with the Right Tools.

We focus on the big picture instead of partial, whether to beat rising healthcare cost or build exceptional leaders or teams.   By targeting issues with the right tools and taking early action instead of reacting AFTER illnesses or issues emerge, we often help clients achieve results 10 times better and turn impossible possible.

Case Study 1:  Beat Rising Healthcare Costs

A casino had 1,600 employees and offered traditional health insurance, whose owner was looking for a solution to beat rising healthcare cost.   Our evaluation found that the company employees were mainly local, young, healthy but did not know how to take care of self.  Their high-cost claims were mostly cancer and injuries.  We recommended self-insurance plus injury prevention and customized personal development, wellness program, and medical care.  In addition, the company needed to anticipate the development and health needs in change and take early action., which required a 6Q talent management system.

Case Study 2:  Get the Senior Executive Team Ready

An institution needs to build a senior executive team and is interested in our Good to Great Leadership CLASS 1: Focus on the Big Picture, Be Effective.  However, that is NOT an efficient way to choose training.  Missing the big picture is a behavior that can have many underlying causes that require different solutions.  For example, professional and psychological training can fix tunnel vision and poor knowledge.  However, even the #1 MBA in the world cannot solve poor energy and spirit restoration.  In addition, the focus alone cannot guarantee execution success if leadership styles, conflict management, resilience, team building, team collaboration, and others are insufficient.

Case Study 3:  Which Conflicts to Manage, Internal or External?

Many people favor the Good to Great Leadership CLASS 2: Leadership Style, Conflict Management, Hearts & Minds.  In fact, some leaders need to take CLASS 1 to minimizes self-induced conflicts first.

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What Our Solutions Aim for?

We help leaders and elites make wise investments, be their best, stay healthy, optimize productivity and minimize health-related costs.

“Your training tells us what we often omit but is critical to our work and life. Very inspiring.”
— Leadership Class participant

“Dr. Yang provides a highly efficient and effective framework to diagnose leadership strengths and opportunities quickly through the Executive 6Q Assessment tool. Further, she is able to recommend solutions that go beyond traditional EQ/IQ based approaches by incorporating specific aspects of human behavior, considering a broader perspective to leadership that includes aspects of Adversity, Health, Public Influence and Learning with the 6Q Framework. I found the assessment and the session to be a productive investment of time and $s and would highly recommend it as an efficient way to quickly diagnose and build key leadership competencies.”
—- a CEO who participated “Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly”

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