How We Help Clients

How We Help Clients?

Identify the Missing Tools and Target Issues Efficiently.

We focus on the big picture instead of partial, whether to beat rising healthcare cost or build exceptional leaders or teams.  Through the right tools and early action, we often help clients achieve results ten times better and have turned many impossible possible.

For institutions, we start with the review of health claims, current solutions, system design, etc.  Individuals often require a 6Q diagnostic program, medical records review, solution design and follow up.

Case Study 1:  Beat Rising Healthcare Costs

A casino had 1,600 employees and offered traditional health insurance, whose owner loved to save to save healthcare cost.   Our evaluation found that their high-cost claims were mostly cancer and injuries, and employees were mainly local, young, healthy but did not know how to take care of self.  We recommended self-insurance, injury prevention, and customized personal development and wellness program as well as medical care review.  In addition, the company needed a 6Q talent management system to anticipate the development needs and health issues in change and take early action.

Case Study 2:  Get the Senior Executive Team Ready

An institution needs to build a senior executive team and is interested in our Good to Great Leadership CLASS 1: Focus on the Big Picture, Be Effective.  However, that is NOT an efficient way to choose training.  Missing the big picture is a behavior that can have many underlying causes and require different solutions.  For example, professional and psychological training can fix tunnel vision and inadequate knowledge.  However, even the #1 MBA in the world cannot solve poor energy and spiritual restoration.  In addition, the focus alone cannot guarantee execution success if leadership styles, conflict management, resilience, team building, team collaboration, and others are insufficient.

Case Study 3:  Which Conflicts to Manage, Internal or External?

Many people favor the Good to Great Leadership CLASS 2: Leadership Style, Conflict Management, Hearts & Minds.  Some leaders need to take CLASS 1 to minimizes self-induced conflicts first.

More Case Studies 

Some Testimonials: 

“We chose The Prince Synergy for its micro and macro structures in human capital training and management. I am very happy with our current productivity, business and reduced healthcare cost and absenteeism. My employees work together better and take care of personal issues more efficiently.”
–J. L. Sullivan, CEO, Nevada Real Estate Corp

“Dr. Yang stands out refreshingly as someone who is highly motivated and committed to excellence. She has shown tremendous initiative, drive and capacity to solve clinical problems, exhibited solid clinical knowledge and great learning enthusiasm, provided compassionate care to her patients, and achieved outstanding clinical results. Therefore, I give Dr. Yang my highest recommendation.”
— Theodore C. Friedman, M.D. Ph.D.  Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Professor of Medicine-UCLA

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