Be a Level 5 Leader

We aim not only to develop leadership, help leaders go from good to great, but build optimally, a Level 5 leader, including an exceptional CEO.

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What Makes Us Unique?  

1. Optimize leadership through multiple dimensions:

  • Vision: focus on the big picture, the long-term, and sustain startup DNA (innovation and more).
  • Execution: know talent at a personal level, optimize leadership styles, and win hearts & minds.
  • Stability: be technically and mentally stable and build resilience ahead of time.
  • Basic: keep mind and body healthy, have a balanced personal life, and be happy.
  • Will: motivation or mission
  • Business performance: we evaluate each segment
  • Global Competitiveness

2. Strengthen leadership rapidly

  • We help leaders catch many development needs before “the 360 Degree Evaluation,”  make wise investments and take early action.
  • We identify the “missing software,” make learning easy and fast and integrate learning with practices.