Diagnostic: Be Your Best Self

Diagnostic: Be Your Best Self




Whether you are looking a career guide or life coach, you are searching the solution to be your best self.  To be yourself is the first step to be your best self.  It will save you a lot of time and struggles if you are on the right career track and have the right tools.

Unlike traditional career management, this program will not only evaluate your career interest and personality but also assess your potential to fulfill each process and stage of the job you desire.  In addition, we identify what is the best for you, what is missing in you, such as your habits and skills, and how to make your learning and implementation easy and fast.   The program will also evaluate your leadership potential and give you guidance on how to become a great leader if applicable.  Below is the comparison between the 6Q approach and traditional approaches.

What to Expect?

The advice can be strategies, professional and personal management or any combination.   The program also includes 1-hour kickstart consultation.   The key assessment tool here is the 6Q Assessment.

Who Should Attend?

This program is for non-executives who

  • Desire to be their best;
  • Need a career counseling;
  • Suffer from a stress-related health issue and has a complex background;
  • Need to meet a major challenge; and
  • Have performance issues that no one else can solve.

For executives, please use the diagnostic program at TPS Executive Academy.