Beat Rising Healthcare Cost, Optimize Health & Productivity

Beat Rising Healthcare Cost, Optimize Health & Productivity



To beat rising healthcare cost is critical to almost every business’ balance sheet and competitiveness.  The root cause of the rising healthcare cost is what is missing in traditional approaches— healthcare cannot handle non-health causes, internally and externally, and most businesses and individuals cannot utilize healthcare system efficiently, not to mention cost-effectively.

This program will help you identify what is missing in your current approaches and choose solutions according to your health issues, environments and resources.  The program aims to help you not only best rising healthcare cost but also optimize team’s performance, creativity and loyalty at the same time.

What to Expect:

  • Empower team members to meet challenges with the right tool, be their own doctors first and take care of self and family.
  • Optimize talent management and other leadership skills.
  • Use the right people.
  • Customize learning and implementation.
  • Use the best healthcare providers and cost-effective ones efficiently.
  • Enable team to handle common health issues within United Airline
  • Help those with stress-related health issues find the missing tools to meet their challenges and stay healthy.
  • Review case management and resource utilization.
  • Anticipate development and health needs and take early action.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike others, we do not beat healthcare cost through health management alone, as health is linked to internal and external challenges.  In addition, the best health energizers are the success, excitement, happiness, and the desire to survive and to fight.  By integrating the 6Q talent management with health management, we help clients not only minimize healthcare costs quickly but also optimize their team’s performance, creativity and loyalty at the same time.  In the meantime, we use all applicable tools to enhance cost effectiveness in healthcare investment.  Our success started at the clinics in 2004.

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Who would benefit from us?

Businesses who desire to beat rising healthcare cost and optimize productivity.


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