Beat Rising Healthcare Costs, Optimize Productivity, Be an Employer of Choice

Beat Rising Healthcare Costs, Optimize Productivity, Be an Employer of Choice



Today skyrocketing healthcare cost has been bankrupting families, businesses and the US economy.   Traditional healthcare cannot handle non-health causes is one significant cause.  In addition, many treatments, surgeries, and Emergency Room visits are unnecessary or unwise.  High deductibles and self-insurance cannot get to the root causes, and, therefore, cannot save cost efficiently.

By working on health and talent issues at the same time, this program will help you take early action, minimize healthcare costs, optimize team productivity and be an employer of choice at the same time.

What to Expect

  • Take Early Action, Minimize Illnesses and Hospital Visits
    – Enable individuals to take good care of self and use health system efficiently if needed and remind them of wellness checkup (works better if employers offer incentive).
    – Promote onsite safety, wellness and management.
    – Give those with family history or new projects (jobs) extra assistance, which can be self-care, professional skills and leadership skills.
  • Get Well with the Best
    – Use the best doctors and our network as they often do not order unnecessary procedure, make minimum medical mistakes and do not charge more than others.
    – Fully utilize Eastern medicine to enhance their well-being and minimize chronic illnesses and disability.
    – Evaluate high-cost claims, disabilities and coming deaths as many of them can be reduced and reversed. Here are two case studies.
  • Keep the Best with Care not Money
    – Help employers identify the best, excite and keep the best by helping them actualizing self — the best pay for most top talent.
  • Be an Employers of Choice
    -This is our side product as it is not hard for a business to be an employer of choice when talent is doing their best, cared and valued.

What Makes Us Different

  • We link health management with non-health one– career management, leadership development, talent management, etc.
  • We offer what is missing in traditional healthcare and help clients take early action instead of reacting AFTER illnesses emerge.
  • In addition, we customize learning and wellness program and evaluate healthcare need per individual needs to change.
  • We often turn years of clinical visits and wellness programs to months, weeks, or days, and make impossible possible, including those of Harvard University. Our success started at the clinics in 2004.

You Can Start the Way that You Need

Each employer has unique needs and priority.  We will start the program that suite your needs and save you the most.

Who Would Benefit from Us?

Businesses who desire to reduce healthcare cost, optimize productivity, and be an employer of choice.

For case studies and more, please watch Video: Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less!

Please feel free to contact us with your concern.


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