Beat Rising Healthcare Costs, Optimize Productivity & Loyalty

Beat Rising Healthcare Costs, Optimize Productivity & Loyalty



Today skyrocketing healthcare cost has been bankrupting families, businesses and the US economy.   What is missing in traditional healthcare is one significant cause.  In addition, many treatments, surgeries, and Emergency Room visits are unnecessary or unwise.  High deductibles and self-insurance cannot get to the root causes, and, therefore, cannot save healthcare cost efficiently.

This program will help you identify missing tools, minimize healthcare costs, take early action, and be an employer of choice.

What to Expect

Team members often have different needs.  Our strategy is:

What Makes Us Different

  • We offer what is missing in current healthcare and beyond and help clients take early action instead of reacting AFTER illnesses emerge.
  • In addition, we customize personal development and wellness program and evaluate medical care per individual needs to change.
  • Furthermore, we connect health management with career management, leadership development, and talent management system design.
  • Our success started at the clinics in 2004.
  • We often turn years of clinical visits and wellness programs to months, weeks, or days, and make impossible possible, including those of Harvard University.

You Can Start the Way You Prefer

You can start with all team members, promote wellness or focus on high-cost claims first.  The last one is an efficient way to allocate your resource.

Who would benefit from us?

Businesses who desire to beat rising healthcare cost, optimize productivity, and be an employer of choice.

Please feel free to contact us with your concern.


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