Diagnostic: Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less


Diagnostic: Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less

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Does your health issue emerge or get worse under stress or after something happened?

If so, you usually miss some tools to meet your challenge and maintain yourself under stress.  Unless you find your missing tools, the same health issue can keep on coming back BECAUSE doctors are trained to relieve your health symptom(s), not to find your missing tools outside your medical issues.  This program will help you find the missing tools, so you will require no or fewer clinical visits, save time and save money.   Our success started at the clinics in 2004.

Benefits of the Program:

Minimize your clinical visits, hospital stays, and save your time, money, opportunities, etc.

What to Expect?

1. Many health issues can go away in days- weeks.  For example,

2. For those with organic damage, the program usually helps them stay healthy longer and heal better, for example, heart disease and diabetes.
3. Some issues may require extra blood, sweat, and tears, for example, to win hearts and minds.
4. Some people may need alternatives, for example, a poor career choice.
5. Some cases may need a better medical treatment.

What Make the Program Different?

  • The program looks at a whole picture and helps individuals identify the missing tools within their 6Qs.
  • We often turn years of learning into months, weeks or days, and find efficient solutions to 30-40% “intractable issues.”
  • Compared with “Be Your Best,” this program focuses on helping you meet current challenges and stay healthy.
  • Compared with “Manage High-cost Claims Efficiently,” this program focuses on exploring non-health tools.
  • Those who need to adjust their career or handle complex issues require “Be Your Best” or Start Right, Start Strong (for executives)
  • Money back guaranteed if we cannot help you.
  • 15% referral fee.

What Do You Need to Prepare?

Please finish the free
Mini Be Your Best and Mini Leadership Tool Assessment, so we can know you better.
Please don’t pay too much attention to your score.

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  • The time is Los Angeles Time or Pacific Standard Time.
  • TPS Dream & Power IS NOT a clinic or a hospital.  Please call 911 for life-threatening emergency.


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