Program: Manage High-cost Claims Efficiently

Program: Manage High-cost Claims Efficiently



High-cost claims can count 31% of total annual business healthcare cost with 1.2% of members and average $122, 382 annually.   In addition to individual health structure, what is missing in healthcare also contributes to the high-cost significantly.   The next is whether individuals and institutions can take early action.

The program will explore what is missing in an individual’s capacity and current healthcare, choose the best shots, and then target issues with the right tools.   In addition, the program will explore systemic issues and enable individuals and businesses to take early action. 

What to Expect?


  1. Health issues that emerge after a challenge in work or life, for example, lose of work, business or a loved one.
  2. Health issues that become worse under stress or challenges.
  3. Some health issues due to accidents or unwise diagnosis & treatments.


Our solutions first work for stress-related claims (emerge or get worse after some challenges).  The next is non-stress-related health issues.

We often can save 30-65% of annual healthcare costs per suitable claim, which is $36,715~$79,548 annually per case.  The saving can be 85% in some cases, for example, heart disease.  The sooner to take the right action, the less the cost is.


  • Individuals with stress-related claims:
    1) Those with a little or no physical damage often can get well in weeks to days, for example, insomnia.
    2) Individuals with physical damage can heal in months to weeks or stay well better and longer, for example, heart disease.
    3) Cancer, AIDs, Neurodegenerative disease, and others with no medical solutions have limited saving unless they are misdiagnosed (we prefer to save at least 2 times of our fee).
  • The results of non-stress-related health issues can vary from days to years, for example, injury rehab after an accident.


  • Individuals often will be more skillful in work and life, and businesses will know their talent deeper.

Sample Case Studies

How Will We Help You? 

  • Most high-cost claims require the Executive 6Q Assessment (non-health part), extensive medical records review, and 2-6 follow-ups.
  • We provide non-health tools and work with current health providers or our healthcare network for healthcare adjustment if needed.
  • Businesses may need to assist us to explore their systemic issues and implement early action.
  • Institutions who desire to save significantly, in the long run, should work on their whole team and system.

PS: If you are not sure whether your case needs an extensive review, please review register “Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less.” 

PPS: for institutions who want to try us, please use category #1 and 2 as we can make a difference in category #3 only if there are unwise or unnecessary treatments.  In addition, we will need you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Please call 911 for life-threatening health issues as TPS Dream & Power is not a hospital or a clinic.

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