Manage High-cost Claims Efficiently

Manage High-cost Claims Efficiently



Studies found high-cost claims (average $122, 382 annually) can count 31% of total annual healthcare cost with 1.2% of members.  To work on high cost patients is also a fast way to beat healthcare costs.  In addition to individual health structure, the following also contributes to the high cost:

• Healthcare cannot handle non-health causes.
• Traditional healthcare cannot optimize healing with non-health elements.
• Some treatments, surgeries, and procedures are unnecessary or unwise.

The program will handle what is missing in traditional healthcare comprehensively, explore systemic issues and help clients take early action.
What to Expect

  • Most high-cost claims require (executive) 6Q assessment in addition to extensive medical records review to identify what is missing in individual capacity and current treatments.
  • All learning will be customized and designed as easy and fast as possible.
  • The program will also explore systemic issues and help clients take early action

Who Fits the Program

  • The program works the best for stress-related high cost patients, for example, heart disease and injury rehab.
  • Other high-cost claims can also benefit from the program, for example, cancer and blood infection.
  • Institutions who desire to save more significantly in the long run and be an employer of choice should work on their whole team and system.


We charge 25% of what we save with $5000 in advance per case.  Please contact us if you are a first-time institution to us.


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