Classical: Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau

Classical: Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau


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Many people have been told that Traumatic Brain Injury victims can achieve maximum recovery in 2 years (called 2-year plateau). That is not true as their uninjured brain cells have the same DNA and can learn, and some injured cells can heal.  This program helps Traumatic Brain Injury survivors restore key cognitive function beyond 2-year plateau to pursue their freedom and health again.

6Q Approach in Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery.

What Impedes Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Recovery?   Wills + Tools

  • Current rehab focuses on injured brain cells and ignore uninjured.
  • Western medicine has limited healing at the chronic stage.
  • Most cognitive programs mainly prepare TBI survivors to accept “the next level of placement” instead of to be who they were with limited IQ and behavior tools.
  • Learning can be tremendous, and intense stress can make it hopeless. 

What Makes Us Different? 

Wills + Tools

  • We focus on helping TBI survivors with potential go back to who they were instead of accepting “the next level of placement.”
  • We fully understand the power of Eastern and Western Medicine and 6Q tools and help TBI survivors restore cognitive function with the right tool(s).
  • We also help TBI survivors identify new potentials to become independent efficiently

How We Help TBI Victims? 

We design Custom Solutions based on participants’ healing needs and 6Q assessment results. Here is the outline:
•    Share our success with participants and motivate participants.
•    Identify their learning needs and make learning easy and fast.
•    Facilitate their learning with practices.
•    Review participants’ medical records and promote further healing through Eastern and Western Medicine and non-health tools if possible.

Who Can Benefit from Us?
1. TBI survivors who can learn and desire to regain independence.
2. At this time, we require survivors to come to us after they are discharged from the hospital and have finished physical and speech rehab if applicable.  

PS: the program provides unique learning and practice and super executive and life coaching to restore cognitive function.   Participants will also learn how to select Eastern and Western doctors if needed. The Eastern Clinic often charge $45~ $75 per visit, which includes acupuncture and herb tea.

What to Expect?

Each program lasts 10 months, including (Executive) 6Q Assessment, medical records review, custom program design and implementation and follow-up consulting and coaching (1/week x 4, 1/2 week x 6, and 1/4 week x 6).

Many Traumatic Brain Injury victims can show some results in 8 weeks and achieve much more in 8-10 months. Complete recovery can take years. Medical treatment fees are not included.

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