Program: Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau

Program: Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau


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Many people have been told that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors achieve maximum recovery in 2 years (called 2-year plateau).  Also, some experts call TBI “chronic illnesses.” THAT IS NOT TRUE.  First, uninjured brain cells have the same DNA and can learn.  Second, many “chronic illnesses” are secondary to TBI and will go away or be corrected easily once the TBI survivors know that they regain cognitive function.   

This program helps Traumatic Brain Injury survivors restore key cognitive function beyond 2-year plateau and solve “chronic illnesses” to pursue their freedom and opportunities again.

Who Can Benefit from Us?
TBI survivors who can learn.
TBI survivors who have a burning desire to regain equality and freedom.
TBI survivors who are willing to relearn many things and practice.

What to Expect?
Many TBI survivors can show some results in 8 weeks and achieve much more in 8-10 months. Complete recovery can take years. 

What Makes Us Different? 

  • We focus on uninjured and injured brain cells and fully utilize Eastern and Western medicine and the 6Q tools.
  • We help many TBI survivors be who they were instead of accepting “the next level of placement.”
  • Also, we make learning as easy and fun as possible and help TBI survivors identify new potentials to recover faster and better.

How We Help TBI Survivors? 

  • We design custom recovery solutions per individuals’ potential and development needs and facilitate further healing through Eastern and Western Medicine if needed.
    (at this time, we require TBI survivors to be discharged from the hospital and finished physical and speech rehab if applicable.)

Your Investments:
Depends on where you are and what need to be done, which can range from $1500~9,800.  The price listed is the initial assessment fee.

Many states have TBI trust fund to help Traumatic Brain Injury survivors learn new skills and pursue freedom and opportunities again.
Contact your state coordinator as you may be eligible for the benefit.
We also offer financial assistance to those in need.

For more information, including state TBI trust fund contact info, please read the following:
Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau, Solve Chronic Illnesses


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