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Today’s skyrocketing healthcare costs have a lot to do with partial approaches.

  • Traditional healthcare cannot handle non-health causes
  • Healthcare mainly optimizes healing through health tools alone.
  • Many treatments, surgeries, procedures and ER visits are unnecessary or unwise.

The first makes healthcare endless symptom relieves in about 70% of primary clinical visits that are stress-related (emerge or worsen under stress), for example, heart attack, insomnia, weight-gain, diabetes, stroke, and injury rehab.  All three have created many illnesses, high-cost claims, disabilities, and deaths.

We provide what is missing in traditional healthcare and beyond and often turn years of clinical visits and wellness program to months, weeks or days in newly onsets.  Also, we identify effective solutions to 30-40% of “intractable issues,” including Harvard University’s.  Our success started at the clinic in 2004 when our Founder invented the 6Q Approach.


  • We evaluate both health and non-health causes (6Q) and target issues with the right tools instead of health tools alone.
  • We enable clients to take early action instead of reacting AFTER illnesses emerge.
  • Instead of offering one-for-all, we customize solutions per individual needs to change.
  • In addition, we know how to choose the best shot(s), make learning easy and fast, and translate learning into action quickly.
  • With us, businesses can not only save 25-65% of annual healthcare costs but also optimize team productivity and be an employer of choice.
  • Individuals can be their best and stay healthy.

The video below will show you what is missing in Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screen, and how we solve stress-related health issues through case studies.

When a lot of time and money can be saved, many dreams can come true.

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PS: TPS Dream & Power is NOT a hospital or clinic.