Video: What is Missing in Health Risk Assessment & Biometric Screening?

Video: What is Missing in Health Risk Assessment & Biometric Screening?

Have a Complete Staying Healthy Assessment


Welcome to The Prince Synergy! I am Bin Yang.  Today, I want you to look at work, life, and health from a different angle and think differently about staying healthy assessment.

Many institutions provide workers an opportunity to complete a health risk assessment and a biometric screening. Today, we are going to explore what is missing in the two assessment and why partial approaches are a big cause of today’s skyrocketing healthcare costs.  First, let’s take a look at the two assessments.

Health Risk Assessment includes questions about a person’s medical history, health status, and lifestyle.  Biometric Screening focuses on risk factors such as body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, and nutrition.

Then what is missing in Health Risk Assessment & Biometric Screening?

They miss the impact of external challenges over a person’s health.  A person can suffer from heart attack and stroke even if the person is a vegetarian and an athlete and has no past and family medical history.

Without assessing the coming challenges and the person’s ability and potential, the health risk assessment and the biometric screening cannot prepare individuals to meet future challenges efficiently nor enable businesses to use the right people and make wise investments.  A complete staying healthy assessment is significant to executives and elites since the two groups usually strike to meet the hardest challenges. The leading causes of death among executives and elites are the heart attack, suicide, stroke, and cancer.  The first three are directly stress-related.   Stress’ immune suppression also contributes to Cancer.

Most people, from the CEOs at the Fortune 500 companies to students at universities, know if you work too hard, if something happens, you do not feel well or feel worse, rush to the hospital.  That is a correct approach.  However, if you only go to the hospital, most likely the same issue will keep coming back and getting worse.  Why? Because you still missed the tools to meet the challenges.  Many health issues emerge or get worse under stress, called stress-related health issues.  They count for about 70% of primary clinical visits.  We set up Dream & Power to enable people like you to be your best and stay healthy efficiently.

I first helped people deal with stress and stay healthy during my residency.  I noticed that, usually, once I found their missing tools, many got well quickly, including the same day.  Their re-occurrence rates were minimum.  That is how I invented the 6Q whole system approach.  Let’s have a case study.

Case Study 1: Eliminate Insomnia with the Right Law

One time I had a patient who was an attorney.  Because his parents left all their money to him, nothing to his sister, his sister kept on suing the family, and he had to manage.  As time passed by, he developed insomnia and anxiety.  He had been to other firms before he came to me and was quite familiar with standard maneuvers, such as position change.  I asked him if his family had set up a family fund. He said no.  So, I told him, “Set up your family fund, so you do not have to give your 40% to Uncle Sam. Give it to your sister.” The attorney was speechless.  From that day, he needed no more sleeping pills or therapies.  What he needed was a right law.  Once his issue was gone, his health issues disappeared.

Not all health issues are like the attorney’s insomnia.  Still, meeting challenges with the right tools is critical to staying healthy.

Case Study 2: Beat Heart Disease

Most people know CPR.  Now a person with heart disease is saved and ready to go back to work.  What will happen if he cannot meet the next challenge?  The person will collapse again, right?

What if we can identify the skills he needs and make learning easy and fast?  What if we can also evaluate if he is on the right track and help him avoid unsuitable challenges?  Can he achieve his goal easier and quicker with fewer or no health issues?  Of course, he can.

About 70% of primary clinical visits are related to stress.  However, most people just keep on going back to their doctors.  In fact, one big cause of stress-related health issues is the lack of the right tools to meet challenges.   Each person has 6Q, IQ, EQ, Learning Q, Adversity Q, Public influence Q and Health Q.   Doctors mainly fix health through medicine.  Individuals usually miss some tools to other 5Qs.  Traditional education gives some tools in IQ and EQ, which mainly covers half of the human system.   By finding their missing tools, we have helped many patients recover quickly, including the same day, with minimum re-occurrence.  That staying healthy assessment is what we called “Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less.”  Our success started at clinics in 2004 where we invented the 6Q Approach.

Today’s healthcare costs have been skyrocketing, threatening almost every business and individual.  To use partial assessments and then pay for endless and expensive symptom relieves is one significant cause! It is inefficient to search solutions around healthcare alone.

Join us, we can beat rising Healthcare cost efficiently! Individuals can stay healthy, get well quickly if needed and be their best!  Businesses can beat rising healthcare cost and optimize healthcare quality and productivity at the Same Time!  Join Us, we can beat rising Healthcare cost efficiently and change the world for the better!