Be Your Best Self

You must desire to “Be Your Best Self” like everyone else.  What has stopped many?

To be your best self, individuals first need to be self and then advance their career with the right tools that may include professional skills, people skills, leadership, etc.  Not every family supports their children to be what they can be.  In addition, traditional educations does not empower each person efficiently.  All these can significantly affect how to be your best self.

How You are Taught

The Hyderabad Public School at India tells its students, “You are the eagle; to soar is your destiny.  There are newer worlds to discover, Other horizons to explore!”

Three of its graduates are the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft, MasterCard, and Adobe) in the US and many others have become national leaders in India.   How your parents and school teach you directly affect who you think you are and what you believe you can achieve.

Are You on the Right Track?

To free your mind is only the first step.  Do you think that Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs could be their best had they switched their fields?  No.  They were successful because they were on the right track with the right tools besides a big motivation.   The video below can tell you the rest with 3 case studies.

Do You Have Every Piece?

At last, you not only need “the key skills,” but everything else– it only takes one missing puzzle to stop you from achieving your goal, which can be a piece of knowledge, one element in innovation, a skill to translate your vision into action, self-acceptance to allow self learn from mistakes, a fast way to restore body energy or a balanced personal life.  Because it can be very struggling to find the missing puzzles, many people develop stress-related health issues, for example, heart attack, stroke, fast aging, insomnia, and addiction.

Are You Effective?

To be effective is the next step.  Different functions, levels, and stages require different right tools, for example, a CEO vs an elite, a startup vs an expansion.   In addition, changes can emerge or even disable you, therefore, you need to continue learning and be resilient.

How to Be Your Best Self Efficiently?

The good news is that You Do Not Need to struggle alone anymore.  The program will evaluate your whole 6Q structure instead of partial, identify the right direction and tools you need, and help to make your learning easy, so you can be your best self efficiently.  Here are 6 keys that can improve your performance by 50% or more.

Have you wondered how well you are doing? Take the Mini Be Your Best Quiz –an insights quiz.

If you are an executive, try the Mini Leadership assessment as well as leadership is a big part of “Be Your Best Self.”