Case Study: Find Missing Tools, Beat Heart Disease, See Doctors Less


Case Study: Find Missing Tools, Beat Heart Disease, See Doctors Less

Business owner Mr. T was admitted to the hospital again for heart disease.  Although his father had heart disease, many of his siblings were healthy.  Mr. T enjoyed his work and family and had a good business.  However, he could only sleep 4-5 hours whenever something new coming to him, and insomnia often lasted for days.  He usually went to the hospital soon after.  His cardiologist told him that he would need open heart surgery or a heart transplant that cost $780,000~1,200,000 if his condition got worse. No action towards his insomnia.

Did the cardiologist miss anything?  Most people would say no.  However, the answer is wrong.

Good sleep is critical to Mr. T’s recovery.  The best solution is not to give him sleeping pills but to identify why he could not handle new events, teach him the skills he missed or choose the right alternatives.  This part is beyond traditional healthcare and leadership tools.

Find Missing Tools, Beat Heart Disease, See Doctors Less

The Executive 6Q Assessment found that Mr. T had development needs in daily self-management, from work, relaxation, and sleep hygiene.  No leadership, career and other significant issues.  After a series of exercises, Mr. T could sleep well. Then his heart disease stopped getting worse, lab test results came back better, and his hospitalization dropped from 4-5 times/year to 1 time in the first year.  Then he could remain stable on medication.


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women, is often directly stress-related or associated with the lack of the right tools to meet challenges that can be anything.   In the above case, the challenge is to sleep well after new event emerges.  Without getting to the root causes, treatments will advance quickly and become endless expensive symptom relieves, and create more high-cost claims.   This principle applies to 70% of primary clinical visits that are stress-related.

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