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Should Jeff Bezos’ American Dream Be His Competitors’ American Hell?

President Day is coming.  I cannot help asking, “Is the American Dream for everyone, or should Jeff Bezos’ American Dream be his competitors’ American Hell? 

Many people go to Amazon because of lower prices and great customer services. But they do not know that Amazon can do so somehow because they steal, rob, threaten and silence their competitors to avoid paying for research and development (R&D).  We would never believe the online robbery until Amazon attempted to victimize us and make us invisible online. Jeff Bezos might never expect that our technology can be so durable.

If Amazon can skip R&D, how can those who devote their life to the R&D stay open and offer jobs?  Where will customers get new products without R&D?  How can local economy stay ahead?  Should Jeff Bezos’ American Dream be his competitors’ American Hell?  

We have closed our account on Amazon as we cannot enjoy the lower price & greater convenience at the expense of other businesses nor tolerate violation & threats.  If you are willing to pay a bit more for organic food, I urge you to pay a bit more for Organic Products to protect the equality and long-term prosperity of society.  I am sure you will be thrilled to know how we discover the facts and reach to the conclusion.


Like most people, we admired Amazon.  We might never believe the dark side of Amazon until they try to steal and rob our solutions to get into healthcare and then threaten and silence us.

The rising healthcare cost has been bankrupting individuals, families, and businesses.  One primary cause healthcare cannot handle non-health causes and becomes endless symptom relieves.  The right approach is to evaluate both health and non-health parts and target issues with the right tools, which can turn many years of treatments into months, weeks, or even days.  The approach is called the 6Q Approach.

Through the 6Q Approach, individuals can be their best and stay healthy, and businesses can optimize their productivity while beating rising healthcare costs. Our successes started at the clinics.  The 6Q are IQ, EQ, Learning Q, Adversity Q, Public Influence Q, and health Q.  Middlemen, high prices and other system issues are also important but secondary.  

We have contacted Amazon and Microsoft for potential partnership.  Not hearing from them, we stopped sending both newsletters.   However, we noticed that both could click on every link in our newsletters.  Initially, we asked them to contact us directly but had no response.

In September 2018, we noticed that Amazon was following every web page update of ours through Crazy Egg.  We quickly deleted the software, wrote to Jeff Bezos.  Not hearing from them, we linked my letter to Jeff Bezos to our newsletter to make sure he or his team could read it. 

Re: Can Amazon Stop Day I from Turning into Day 2?


Do you want someone follows each of your web page updates and clicks on every link in your newsletters from which they are excluded?  Do you want me to tell your different behavior to our network?  Will your customers worry that the same invasion can happen to them someday?  Do you want to make some friends with Dept of Justice like Microsoft?

Like you, I care very much about day 1, and I am frugal with custom obsession.  Unlike you, I do not have a father who could give me $300,000 but started from the ground. Thus, I know how hard it can be to build your market.  Also, even McKinsey cannot copy ours.

To be wise and fair is critical to staying on Day 1. Do you agree?

Bin Yang

The letter received Amazon team’s great attention but did not work.

In November 2018, we asked our server to strengthen their mail delivery security.   Then a company sent out error pages from different domains to break the referring pages to our website.   The error pages disappeared the next day.  Google ranks a page based on its referring pages, so the fewer referring pages a web page has, the less visible the page is on Google.  We wrote to the company and asked them to stop, but the company disregarded us.

I deleted the twitter to Jeff Bezos first to explore the man behind the error pages.  No more error pages coming back.  On Nov 14, 2018, I re-twittered Jeff Bezos the same message, and error pages came back quickly.  By then, we knew Amazon wanted to not only steal and rob us but also threaten and silence us.

On 11/6/2018, we noticed that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella twittered how Microsoft helped Europe address the cybersecurity, and Jeff Bezos twittered how he started early on the computer.  I twittered Satya Nadella back, “First, stop clicking on the links within our newsletter from which you are excluded” and then asked Jeff Bezos, “Does that entitle you to steal and rob your competitors through IT and threaten and destroy their online visibility?  I never believe this kind of act is powerful and this kind of growth will last!!”  Then error pages arrived quickly.

We immediately requested Amazon to close our account.  Then more error pages arrived.  It is hard to imagine that Jeff Bezos expects other human being not to resist and protect themselves when they are stolen, robbed and hurt. Eventually, the following twitter has stopped more error pages.

Our referring pages have dropped from 861 to 116 at one time, which means we were very “invisible” on Google then.  Fortunately, Google was not our main communication channel, and we have quickly learned the skill to boost our online visibility and explored more unique channels to communicate with the world.


The online robbery is a team work, from online searching, advertising to execution, far more advanced than spies from China, Russia and other countries.  European and US and Japan government have taken some action against Amazon.  However, their action is far from enough.  

JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire want to get into healthcare with Amazon.  The CEO of the first likes to talk about cooperate social responsibility.  The head of the second often mentions in his speeches how he piled up money while his former wife piled down money.  Neither has done anything after we have informed them what Amazon has done.   Obviously, cooperate social responsibility has a different definition here, and some people’s money need not to be piled up as gracefully as it is piled down.

On Jul 24, 2018, we sent out a press on how to beat rising healthcare cost.  To our surprise, there was only one or two press releases on Google while there are pages of our press releases on Yahoo and Bing.  In addition, we looked like a store on “Amazon” on Google.  I had to contact Google former CEO Eric Schmidt to have our home page listed.   Later we learned that Amazon is an investor of Google. Thus, please visit us at and in case you cannot find us on Google someday. 

Recently, Jeff Bezos wants to divorce the lady who was 100% behind him when he first started Amazon.  Through “What Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Means for Amazon Investors,” we have identified another associate–Blackstone, one of the two largest stockholders of Amazon.  The owner has scholarships and schools named after his name but does not know something called “conflict of interest”


It is fair to compete with better products, better service, lower price, free product, but not with robbery, threat and silencing.  Online technology has magnified the evil power of Amazon.

It usually takes tremendous research and development (R&D) or extra blood, sweat, and tears for a business to start, get ahead and stay ahead in its field.  How can these companies stay open and provide jobs if others can rob them?  We do not use Amazon’s cloud, and our technology is durable.  What will happen to those businesses who use Amazon’s cloud or have less durable technology?  Without R&D, how can customers get new products, and economy prosper in the US, Europe, Japan and other areas?   

Edmund Burke said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If you are willing to pay a bit more for organic food, I urge you to pay a bit more for Organic Products to support the R&D or extra blood, sweat, and tears behind.   In the meantime, I urge businesses focus on not only their R&D but also their customer service and price.  

We believe everyone is equal in front of God and have closed our account on Amazon as we cannot enjoy the lower price & greater convenience at the expense of other businesses nor tolerate its constant violation & threats. Can you?  

As I said earlier, we also focus on building exceptional leaders and exploring what stops leaders from good to great.  One finding of our 3-year study is self-destruction.  Most people are familiar with those who sexually harass women and then get kicked out of office.  Amazon is another kind– Jeff Bezos is digging own grave for his day 1 by expanding his empire through illegal means, for victims will scream, governments will intervene, and more and more customers will close their accounts on Amazon.  Unfortunately, Jeff Bezos and his associates refuse to see the big picture and acknowledge that they need to satisfy not only all shareholders but all stakeholders.  We have tried our best.


The US Law does not protect you until you are stolen. Thus, you need to protect yourself if you do not want to count on the late protection from the Law.  Here are some tips:

  1. Master the key digital technology in your business and do not rely on a platform or a cloud, for Amazon is NOT the only company that takes advantage of their users.   Today’s competitors can follow you easily if you use their platform.  A non-competitor today can be a competitor tomorrow. 
  2. Build a durable technology and enhance your team’s Adversity Quotient and creativity.  The first makes it easier to protect yourself.  You will also need endless learning, creativity and tenacity to break various obstacles, for example, being “invisible” on Google. 
  3. In healthcare, the best way to prevent infection is to act as if everything is contaminated.  It is the same to protect your business– design your communication, strategy, products and others as if the violators can open them the next day. 
  4. Anticipate the development needs of your team, make wise investment, get team ready quickly, and beat rising healthcare cost.  Today, you can get your talent ready 10 times faster and turn many years of health treatments into months, weeks or even days through the 6Q Approach. These will make it easy for you to not only achieve lasting success but also be an Employer of Choice.

Government agencies can do more if they want to.  Here are some US agencies.  Find out your local agencies and the person in charge and write to them.
the Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Washington, DC 20530-0001 

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 2058

Contact Small Business Administration for disaster loan if needed.


We believe that the American Dream is for everyone.  It is fair to compete with better products, better service, lower price, free product, but not with robbery, threat and silencing.  Technology does not entitle anyone to violate others.  A business ought to satisfy all stakeholders not just its shareholders.  Today will never be tomorrow.  Everyone can make tomorrow better.  Join us!

About the Author 
Bin Yang
 is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy ( and TPS Dream & Power (, a leading consulting firm that focuses on building exceptional leaders, beating skyrocketing healthcare cost, and strengthening society.  For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture or appointment, please contact 310-668-1828.


Case Study: Find Missing Tools, Beat Heart Disease, See Doctors Less

Business owner Mr. T was admitted to the hospital again for heart disease.  Although his father had heart disease, many of his siblings were healthy.  Mr. T enjoyed his work and family and had a good business.  However, he could only sleep 4-5 hours whenever something new coming to him, and insomnia often lasted for days.  He usually went to the hospital soon after.  His cardiologist told him that he would need open heart surgery or a heart transplant that cost $780,000~1,200,000 if his condition got worse. No action towards his insomnia.

Did the cardiologist miss anything?  Most people would say no.  However, the answer is wrong.

Good sleep is critical to Mr. T’s recovery.  The best solution is not to give him sleeping pills but to identify why he could not handle new events, teach him the skills he missed or choose the right alternatives.  This part is beyond traditional healthcare and leadership tools.

Find Missing Tools, Beat Heart Disease, See Doctors Less

The Executive 6Q Assessment found that Mr. T had development needs in daily self-management, from work, relaxation, and sleep hygiene.  No leadership, career and other significant issues.  After a series of exercises, Mr. T could sleep well. Then his heart disease stopped getting worse, lab test results came back better, and his hospitalization dropped from 4-5 times/year to 1 time in the first year.  Then he could remain stable on medication.


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women, is often directly stress-related or associated with the lack of the right tools to meet challenges that can be anything.   In the above case, the challenge is to sleep well after new event emerges.  Without getting to the root causes, treatments will advance quickly and become endless expensive symptom relieves, and create more high-cost claims.   This principle applies to 70% of primary clinical visits that are stress-related.


Case Studies: Recover from a Tragic Auto Accident

Accidents happen all the time, whether it is an auto accident or workplace accident.  Many high-cost health claims, disabilities and deaths result from improper health tools or health tools alone.   Individuals need to think independently.  Below were personal stories of our Founder after her mother and she were rear-ended in a tragic auto accident in 1997.

Get off Ventilator, Regain Independence

My mother was put on a ventilator in ICU since she could not breathe on her own.  About 5 weeks later, her doctor diagnosed that she would be ventilator-dependent for the rest of her life since she did not improve.  My mom refused to live on the ventilator, so I had to be the one to discontinue her lifeline.  I decided to exam her myself before I took the final step.  To my surprise, I found her diaphragm was intact, which meant that she could breathe by raising and relaxing her diaphragm (abdominal breath).  I taught her the new way of breathing.   She got off the ventilator in three days.  Later she regained her independence through both the Eastern and Western medicine.

My mother stayed in the hospital for about 7 weeks, including 5 weeks in ICU. Her medical bills were close to $300,000.  How much money was wasted in ICU?  Most doctors know abdominal breath that human use in childhood.  However, they cannot link the concept with adults nor utilize it to save life and money.

Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury after 2-Year Plateau

I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in the auto accident in 1997.  Almost all experts predicted that I could not recover, including an expert from Harvard University.  In the meantime, we got zero compensation from the courts.  I cried for a whole night.  Then I decided to apply for a medical license to recover myself.

I tried everything I could to regain my abilities, including learning and Eastern medicine. Thank God, I have passed all 3 steps of medical license examinations in 2.5 years, found my residency, invented the 6Q approach in 2004, and helped several Traumatic Brain Injury victims, including the business owner at the ER. The full recovery of Traumatic Brain Injury is still impossible to Harvard University today.

The two-year “plateau” in Traumatic Brain Injury is no longer reliable as victims can regain their independence many years after through custom learning, Eastern Medicine, and other ways.  


Case Study: Stop Venting Stress at ER and Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-Year Plateau

A business owner suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury from an auto-accident and needed to relearn almost everything, which frustrated him greatly. He often called 911 to go to Emergency Room (ER) to scream at the Doctors and Nurses there to vent his stress. His “ER visits” lasted for years, and ER could not help to change his behavior.

Get to the Root Causes of His Behavior
Understanding his pain and struggles, our Founder consulted his progress, shared with him how she went through his pains and struggles and passed medical license exams, and compared his situation with hers.

He Changed in 10 minutes
The communication took about 10 minutes.  In the end, the business owner thanked our Founder. He never went back to the Emergency Room. Soon someone heard he returned to his work.


Case Study: Should A CEO Be Charming?

Mr. M, the CEO of a large construction company, was excellent in construction work and devoted to his job.  However, he was impatient with his staff’s “silly” questions and wanted the team to follow his development model. He also liked to wear his college outfits wherever he went.  As a result, his chairman concerned his manner and image could cost their business opportunities.

The Executive 6Q Assessment found that Mr. M was excellent in schools, from elementary to university.  He had a healthy Ego and was sharp in decision-making, learning, customer needs satisfaction, etc.  However, he was weak in emotional control and expression, poor Public Relationship awareness, and had limited conflict management skills and leadership styles.

Bring Internal Charm Out
We recommended custom “Be Charming, Win Heart and Minds” to address his issues.   Mr. M quickly understood the gap between his self-awareness and others’ perception, his natural skills and professional levels, and developed the skills and styles needed.  In less than three months, he won the hearts and minds of his staff back.

Should a CEO be charming?  Of course!   Our CEO studies have found that no CEO can achieve desirable results if others cannot perceive his or her leadership properly.  People skills or physical appearance alone cannot make a charming CEO, not to mention an exceptional CEO.  Being charming also means less conflicts and resistances to handle and more hearts and minds to win.

Most CEOs do 1 of 2 things: (1) speak to other CEOs and ex-CEOs and (2) talk to a professional coach.  The first can advise Mr. M based on their experiences, and the second mainly encourages Mr. M. to find his own solutions or give him some EQ tools and behavior modification.  Neither could solve Mr. M’s problems quickly.  For more discussion, please read Identify  Your Missing Software, Go from Good to Great Efficiently Chapter 5.

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Should a CEO Be Charming, Win Hearts and Minds?

More Case Studies 


Case Study: 30-year Insomnia Is Over!

An office manager suffered severe insomnia since she had night shifts 30 years ago — she could only sleep 2-3 hours a day. Her hair became white and thin (hair loss) when she was a little over 50, which happened to none of her family members. Her doctor prescribed the same sleeping pills for each of her visits, and she kept on going back to the same doctor. She got agitated easily, and could not stop worrying over something simple; for example,  she could stay up whole night if one relative was coming to visit her. She wanted to take care of EVERY issue. 

The Executive 6Q Assessment found that she poor energy restoration, limited relaxation methods, and poor sleeping habits. No time management, decision-making or other issues noticed.

A comprehensive approach
We first modified her sleeping habits and daily life management. We also taught her two particular relaxation methods before sleep. No pills or psychotherapy.

Sleep well again after 30 years! Hair grows back!
After two weeks, she could sleep about 6 hrs at night, and not get agitated easily. Soon her problem-solving also improved, and her hair grew thicker!

More Cases Studies on Insomnia