How We Help Clients

How We Help Clients?

We focus on the big picture, whether to restore brain and body power, optimize management, or beat healthcare costs.  We explore health issues and non-health, fully utilize health and non-health tools, take early action, and make learning and implementation easy and fast. We often help clients achieve results ten times better and find the solutions that no one else can.

Case Study 1: Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) beyond 2-Year Plateau

A medical doctor suffered from TBI in 1997 doe to an auto-accident, and almost all western medicine doctors predicted that she had a remote chance to recover.  We suggested her to try Custom Cognitive Restoration (CCR) since her uninjured brain cell still had the same DNA.  The CCR included applying for medical licensing exams, being a volunteer, and exploring Eastern Medicine.

The doctor passed medical licensing exams 2001-2003, joined residency training 2004-2006, and received many excellent letters of recommendation.   She has helped every TBI survivor she met, and all of them have achieved significant results even they were 5-12 years beyond their 2-year plateau, and one had left upper brain removal.    This doctor is the Founder of Dream & Power. 

Case Study 2: Beat Rising Healthcare Costs

A casino had 1,600 employees and offered traditional health insurance, whose owner loved to save healthcare cost.   Our evaluation found that their high-cost claims were mostly cancer and injuries, and employees were mainly local, young, healthy but did not know how to take care of self.  We recommended self-insurance, more screening at recruitment, injury prevention, customized wellness program and high-cost claim review.  In addition, we suggested to use the 6Q talent management system to anticipate health issues and take early action.

Case Study 3: Recharge Fully

A global institution had offices in all time zones, and many of its team members could not recharge fully, which impacted their performance and work-life balance.  Some left the company.  What failed them was their limited tools and focus.  Via the 6Q tools and management, many team members improved their physical and mental recharge at least 50%.  Those who could not improve significantly had more job accommodation.

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Some Testimonials: 

“We chose The Prince Synergy for its micro and macro structures in human capital training and management. I am very happy with our current productivity, business and reduced healthcare cost and absenteeism. My employees work together better and take care of personal issues more efficiently.”
–J. L. Sullivan, CEO, Nevada Real Estate Corp

“Dr. Yang stands out refreshingly as someone who is highly motivated and committed to excellence. She has shown tremendous initiative, drive and capacity to solve clinical problems, exhibited solid clinical knowledge and great learning enthusiasm, provided compassionate care to her patients, and achieved outstanding clinical results. Therefore, I give Dr. Yang my highest recommendation.”
— Theodore C. Friedman, M.D. Ph.D.  Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Professor of Medicine-UCLA

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