Mini Leadership Assessment Tools

What tools a leader has to manage self, team, and organization determine what the leader can achieve.  The mini-assessment is one of Leadership Assessment Tools free with 18 questions, through which you can:

  • Quickly evaluate your strengths and opportunities in key areas.
  • Let you hands-on experience with the 6Q approach.
  • Let you spot on the Executive 6Q Assessment, a comprehensive leadership assessment tool used in the diagnostic program.
  • Assess your speed (you need to finish the assessment within 8 minutes).

To be yourself is the first step to being a great leader.  The next step is to Be Your Best– a great leader, a level 5 leader or an exceptional CEO. Does it take years to strengthen your leadership?  No.   By identifying the missing tools and making learning easy, we often can help clients strengthen their leadership RAPIDLY.

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Mini Leadership Assessment

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