Learn from Maradona and Tony, Protect Your Life and Dream!

Learn from Maradona and Tony, Protect Your Life and Dream!

Video Transcript:

Recently Diego Maradona died of heart issue, and Tony Hsieh died after a house fire. The more I read about the two, the more I feel sorry for their early deaths. They were outstanding. They did not die of cancer, HIV, or war. Their health issues were prevented or treated if we could get to the root causes—how to manage ourselves and prevent invisible medical errors. These skills matter even more during the COVID-19 pandemic time.

Studies have found that early successors often crush worse during adversities due to low adversity quotient (AQ). They can easily go for drinking or drug for fast stress relief when setbacks or failures hit them, instead of using healthy means.  They can also lack social skills, lose temper, which are their EQ and will increase their setbacks.  Low AQ and EA can make them in and out of the hospitals.

Let me tell you a story first. Mr. Z was also a great footballer in high school and had a successful business. Unfortunately, he lost all his money in the oil business. Then he started to drink heavily. He developed gastric mass, GI bleeding, and psoriasis in two years. By the time when I met him, Mr. Z looked like the 70s when he was 42. 

Each person is an integrated 6Q system. There are Learning quotient, adversity quotient, public influence quotient, and health quotient in addition to IQ and EQ. The other 5Q can also impact health, which are called non-health causes. Mr. Z’s root cause was low AQ, and Hospitals mainly work on the health part. Thus, Mr. Z kept drinking, getting worse. I became the first person to talk to him about his AQ.  He was not addicted. By enhancing his AQ, Mr. Z quitted drinking in one week and recover quickly in the following four weeks. 

Maradona succeeded much younger than Mr. Z.  He was a fighter, but he could lose self-control and lack skills to deal with mafia, drugs, and alcohol. Like Mr. Z, Maradona needed root cause management besides symptom relieves. I will talk about it more later.

In addition to self-management, how to utilize health system is another key.  Invisible Medical Errors are hard to catch, often related to vision and tools.  Let me tell you a story. In 1997, an 18-wheel truck rear-ended my mother and me. My mother could not breathe on her own and was put on a ventilator. Five weeks later, she still could not breathe on her own and was diagnosed ventilator dependent.  Because my mom refused to live on the machine, I had to be the one to turn off her ventilator. I decided to assess her myself before I did so. To my surprise, I found she could raise her abdomen or do abdominal breath that we all do during childhood.  I practiced the new way of breathing with her. Three days, she was off the ventilator and became a free woman.  

Did her doctor know about abdominal breath? Of course, every doctor knows. However, her doctor focused on adults’ tools, did not think of the tools for children– omission. Other causes include knowledge and Ego.  Selected visions happen in all industries.  The combination of the last two can be lethal.

The next Invisible Medical Errors are tools. Most illnesses have 3 stages, incubation, acute, and chronic. Western medicine offers extra tools and has a unique power in the acute stage. Eastern medicine enhances self-healing and works the opposite. The 6Q tools provide non-health tools and benefit each stage. How do I know these? I graduated from a Western med school and had run into health issues that Western med could save my life and could not complete my recoveries.  I had to go out to explore new tools to save my career and life.

If we only use western medicine, Mr. Z’s Gastric bleeding got worse and worse. Heart-attack often needs more and more expensive treatments. Traumatic brain injury survivors maximize recovery in 2 years, called the 2-year plateau.  I went through the last two myself.

If we add the 6Q tools and eastern medicine, Mr. Z could stop gastric bleeding, we can control heart attack early, recover from traumatic brain injury (TBI) beyond the 2-year plateau. How significant is it? We can save millions of health care dollars and free productivity and innovation.  The latter is most significant in TBI as we can help individuals go back to who we were, including being a doctor.  I was the first graduate of the program. The three tools can also help individuals optimize their immunity, a key to stay healthy from COVID-19.

Many illnesses, disabilities, & deaths can be saved with the right tools. Yesterday’s impossible is not today’s!  However, some doctors over emphasize on Western medicine, and some only value Eastern medicine. Without the right tools, individuals with the potential to recover and keep them ill, disabled, or die.  

Let’s first take a look at Tony Hsieh.  The house fire threw him into the acute stage. The hardest part of burn management is gas inhalation.  Once his air way was burned, it does not matter what experts and equipment the hospital had, or if he could raise his abdomen. He lived 9 days, which meant that infection also kicked in, and there might be some opportunities.   Also, how did the fire start?  What prevented him escaping sooner? 

Diego Maradona was super healthy before. Then he was addicted to drugs and alcohol and had liver and heart issues. like Mr. Z, he could quit alcohol and drugs by using western med and EQ and AQ.  Then his liver and heart issues can be easily corrected. His liver and heart could also benefit from Eastern medicine.  

I have no personal information about Tony, Maradona and their doctors.  I wish they could have watched this video a long time ago.

How we manage ourselves and utilize health system determines our life and dream. The skills matter even more during the pandemic.  These days, many hospitals have run out of spaces, and some have opened parking lots tents to treat COVID-19 patients.  In the meantime, many businesses cannot afford closing their doors, and some individuals refuse face masks.  Vaccine has finally arrived but cannot solve all issues at once.  How we manage ourselves and fully utilize tools are critical. 

First, COVID-19 is real.   Senator Larry Dixon can tell you this in his last words. (“We messed up. We let our guard down. Please tell everybody to be careful. This is real, and if you get diagnosed, get help immediately.” He died on Dec. 7, 2020 due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 can harm not only human lung but also heart and brain.  No health, no liberty, no pursuit of happiness.  Face masks and social distances minimize our virus exposure.  For someone who wants no face mask, no social distance, they can stay at home or private areas, where there is no virus.  

More tools?  Yes.  As many hospitals have run out of space, it is critical for individuals to stay non-infected.  Lockdown is one option.  Do we have to? No. 

Face masks and social distance provide excellent external PPE.  However, not everyone has excellent internal PPE.  CDC has found that about 19% of infection came from healthcare personnel.  45.4% of U.S. adults are at increased risk for Covid19 complications due to co-morbidities.  Vaccine is an excellent solution but not available to everyone.  Eastern medicine and 6Q tools can also help individuals optimize their internal PPE and keep it at an optimal level. Then we will have more time to get vaccine available globally.  The approach is non-invasive and highly effective. 

When the tool we use cannot meet new challenge, we should explore new ones. That was how I could recover myself, save my career and life.  The more businesses can stay open, more jobs, more freedom, and more happiness.

People fight hard for freedom, equality, and justice. Do not lose the battle due to your own health!  Seek second opinion if not sure!  Take 1~2-day classes, stay updated, stay in control!

Today we can not only assess development needs but also anticipate and moderate development needs and customize learning and implementation.  By integrating healthcare with business management, businesses can further reduce infection and deaths, optimize productivity, and save costs.  Of course, we can also link the best in Eastern and Western Medicine. 

Diego Maradona and Tony Hsieh have made the world splendid. The world would be more splendid if you can stay healthy and be your best.

About the Speaker:
Bin Yang, Managing Director of The Prince Synergy.