Optimize Health Quotient, Stay Healthy under Stress

How to deal with stress and stay healthy is different from how to lead and innovate, but basic to keep your mind and body healthy to achieve your goal.

The leading causes of death among executives and elites are the heart attack, suicide, stroke, and cancer.  The first three are directly stress-related.  Stress’ immune suppression also contributes to Cancer.   Other common stress related illnesses include insomnia, headache, fast aging, weight gain, stomachache, and others.

The root cause of poor stress management is a lack of the right tools to Meet Challenge, Relieve Stress, Restore Energy, etc, which are non-health causes that healthcare cannot handle efficiently Thus, the same stress related illnesses often keep on coming back and getting worse, and “treatments” become expensive endless symptom relieves, for example, the treatments for heart diseases can go from EKG (rhythm analysis), bridge, bypass, to a heart transplant (cost about $1 million).

The efficient way to get healthy and stay healthy under stress is to optimize health quotient and take care of root cause(s) AND symptom(s) at the same time.  Our success started at the clinic in 2004.  Here are two case studies:
1. Eliminate Stress & Insomnia with the Right Law
2. Get 10-15 Years Back in 2 Weeks.


STAGE 1.  Be on the Right Track, Have the Right Tools 
Nothing can maximize success and minimize stress and setbacks better than the right direction and sufficient tools.

STAGE 2.  Be Ready for the Worst
Setbacks and failures often come with the worst stress and cause severe stress related illnesses, such as heart attack and stroke.  To be able to handle setbacks and failures is essential to success and health.

Each person should “Be Happy, Be Your Own Doctor First,” so they can manage their physical and mental health and lead others better.

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PS:  The Prince Synergy is NOT a clinic or a hospital.