Optimize Top Team Performance

Top team performance is critical to business success.  However, a 2016 Deloitte survey found that only 13%  of companies believe they are building effective global leaders.  The major cause of corporate leadership development is that IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone cannot solve complex problems that require entire human 6Q system and then make complex issues “intractable.”

Unlike others, we get to the root causes of development needs instead of analyzing behaviors and target issues with the right tools. Here are our 4 keys to optimize top team performance:

  • Focus on the shifts that matter and the holes that can sink your boat.
  • Identify development needs before “the 360 degree,” deliver training according to toot causes
  • Utilize the right formula in People Analytics
  • Integrate learning with practices and Involve Senior Leaders

In addition, we help clients build a smart systemimplement 4 key areas, and prevent issues.  The executive 6Q data, which is usually good for 2 years without significant events, allows us to anticipate the development needs once the next challenge is clear and take early action.

Do you desire to translate your strategy into effective organizational action?  Do you want to get ahead and stay ahead?  Contact us!

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