Optimize Your Immunity, Beat Coronavirus!

Optimize Your Immunity, Beat Coronavirus!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection has reached over 60 countries.  While it is important to isolate and treat infected population, it is also critical to empower non-infected, especially those who cannot stay at home all the time, so they can stay healthy or recover faster. Coronavirus infection is new and requires fresh thinking and a new approach, especially when many hospitals have run out of masks and ventilators. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection has become so pandemic that even the top hospitals are short of masks.  Some countries use demobilization (for example, China) and self-isolation (for example, Canada). Many facilities in the US shut down or let employees work at home to minimize human contacts.  There is NO available treatment for virus infection. The World Health Organization recommends individuals with mild infection to recover at home since hospitals mainly provide supportive care.  Still, there is more that can be done.

Immunity is a key to defeat virus infection

Immunity is a key to defeat virus infection and one supportive care at the hospitals.  Although asymptomatic, many individuals’ immune systems are either suppressed by stress, not at their optimal level, or both, and, therefore, cannot protect themselves well.  For example, a healthy person can suffer a severe cold after taking a stressful assignment. That is because work stress suppresses his or her immune system, so the person can get the infection that the person usually does not.  

The infamous 1918 influenza pandemic killed 20 million~ 100 million persons globally, more than World War I (WWI) did (Johnson and Mueller 2002).  That is the worst mortality in history so far.  One big reason was that the flu happened at the end of WWI (1914~ 1918) whole intense continuous stress suppressed many individuals’ immune system. No antibiotic and no vaccination at that period also made the situation worse.

We can naturally reverse the suppression, restore a person’s internal balance and optimize his or her immunity, so the person can stay healthy or recover faster.  It takes a right 6Q package to achieve and maintain optimal health, including immunity.

I first tried the natural restoration in 2012 after I worked extra hard for a while. One day, I felt fragile after I woke up. To my surprise, I also found pus on my throat (I used to be completely healthy). I knew how long it could take if I went to the ER, so I wanted to try a new way– deplete stress and restore internal balance.   It worked– the pus disappeared in 30 minutes! A few years later, the natural restoration saved more than 80% of antibiotics when I had pneumonia.  

The natural restoration is also how we could reverse fast Aging, restore individuals brain and body power from burnout, and enable individuals to maintain optimal performance and health. “Naturally” means no pill, no injection, no needle, and no surgery.  

Think Differently

Many people are used to going to the hospital after they develop typical symptoms and use Western medicine only. That works well with illnesses at the acute stage but can miss opportunities when handling complex health issues that often have more than the acute stage. Subsequently, many avoidable diseases, disability, and deaths sustain, and short treatments can last years, which makes healthcare costs skyrocketing. 

Most illnesses have pre-illness, acute, and chronic stages, such as heart disease. The rest may have 1~2 of the three steps– Coronavirus infection has pre-illness and acute stages, and Traumatic Brain Injury has acute and chronic stages. While Western medicine has unique power at the acute stage, and the 6Q tools and Eastern medicine have more solutions at the pre-illness and chronic stages. Utilizing the right tools at each step is the key to solve complex health issues, for example, to recover from fast Aging and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Coronavirus infection has both pre-illness and acute stages. While it is essential to isolate and treat the infected population, it is also critical to enable non-infected to take early action to minimize new infections and enable mildly infected to recover faster. The second can be 100 times cheaper than the first.

In addition, most people need healthcare education to get well from Coronavirus infection faster at home or utilize the hospitals efficiently if needed. There are many avoidable mistakes at the hospitals, and not every medical expert keeps the best interest of their patients in mind. Some resist innovation and facts

Stay Healthy or Recover Faster

Different person has different background and needs.  Some people may only need a 30-minute consultation for a right direction.  Some may need a 1/2-day training to restore or optimize their immunity naturally and take good care of self and family.  Some may need comprehensive evaluations to achieve optimal performance and health. Some may need other tools

Do you have a great chance to expose to Coronavirus? Have you been working too hard or under too much stress?   See which program fits you.

It requires fresh thinking and a new approach to handle Coronavirus infection, especially when many hospitals have run out of masks and ventilators.  To stay open to new ideas and think differently is the key to beat Coronavirus, solve complex health issues, and beat skyrocketing healthcare costs.  Many people still do not know how to take early action and stay healthy when Coronavirus is reaching every corner of the world. Your sharing will change their world for the better.

About the Author
Bin Yang is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy (www.theprincesynergy.com) and Dream & Power (www.DreamandPower.com), a leading consulting firm that focus on building exceptional leaders, elites and performance management systems while optimizing healthcare quality and beating healthcare costs.  For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture or appointment, please call 310-668-1828.