Class: Build Adversity Q, Stay Healthy, Protect Your Success!

Class: Build Adversity Q, Stay Healthy, Protect Your Success!




The world challenge does not only human strengths.  Many individuals handle setbacks and failures via smoking, drinking, drugs and other unhealthy means and develop various health issues, for example, lung issue (due to smoking), cirrhosis (due to over drinking), addiction (due to drugs), suicide, etc.  These significantly increase their risk to COVID-19, especially lung issues.  Some people simply quit or retire early.

In addition to health, how to handle setbacks and failures also affects daily success, risk-taking and enduring success.  This program will help individuals learn how to handle adversities, strengthen problem solving, prevent setback, and stay healthy.   Our success started at clinics in 2004.


This is a 1-day program with cases study and group exercises.

  • Understand the common internal and external causes of setbacks and failures.
  • Build the strengths and cushion you need to be highly effective in the storm.
  • Avoid common mistakes at different processes and stages.
  • Recognize stress-related health issues efficiently and take the right action.

– Individuals often appreciate life better after taking the class.
– Quit smoking and drinking faster.
– Raise individuals’ stress threshold and problem-solving once they are ready for the hardest.
– Help individuals stay healthy and save money as 70% of health issues are stress-related, and setbacks and failures often come with the worst stress.


– Individuals who desire to handle adversities with ease or beat setbacks faster and better.
– Those who suffer from stress-related health issues, including smoking and drinking.
– Managers who desire to lead team better and maximize leadership efficiency.

The Next Program:

Time: Oct 7th, 2020 10 am-6 pm PST (Wed)

Venue: Los Angeles, CA 91731

Promotion ends by 10/2/2020.

Fee Includes: all course materials
Volume Discount: email us for group rates if sending 5 or more people
Timing: course starts at 10 am, hard stop each day at 6 pm

For more information, please watch the video or contact us.

PS: Executives or business owners: please also visit programs at TPS Executive Academy.


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