Class: Optimize Your Immunity, Beat COVID-19!


Class: Optimize Your Immunity, Beat COVID-19!

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Face masks and hand washing are essential to stay healthy from COVID-19 but may not be enough alone, which is why about 14~29% of health care workers have been infected with COVID-19 in different states.  The average cost to treat a hospitalized patient with COVID-19 is $30,000 per a study.  Human immunity and self-healing are the key to fight COVID-19.  However, they are often suppressed by stress, insomnia and Yin Yang imbalance although individuals are asymptomatic.

While Western medicine has a unique power in the acute stage, pre-illness sta
ge is the comfort zone of Eastern medicine and the 6Q tools. The program will enable those who have to work outside home to optimize their immunity and self-healing naturally and strengthen their internal protection. “Naturally” means no needles, pills or herb tea.

Benefits of the Program:

– Take early action, stay healthy or recover fast from COVID-19
– Manage self well and stay healthy in the long run.
– Save costs in healthcare, sick leave, opportunity losses and more.

How to Evaluate Your Class Results?

Your sleep, productivity and resistance to COVID-19.

What Does the Program Cover?

– Know your baseline.
– Learn what can break your immune system and self-healing while you are asymptomatic.
– Restore and optimize your immunity and internal healing naturally.
– Know yourself, meet challenges, and develop healthy habits.

Who Fit the Program?

– Individuals who need to work outside of home
– Those who are healthy and have a lot of challenges to meet.
– Those who suffer insomnia under stress.

Who DO NOT Fit the Program?

– Those who are severely infected with Coronavirus.
– Those whose immune systems suppressed due to medical needs, for example, cancer treatments.
– Those who suffer from chronic health issues, for example, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and HIV.

How Will We Teach the Class?
Case studies and hands-on practices.

The Next Program:
Time: contact us.
Venue: webinar

Instructor: Ms. Bin Yang, the inventor of the 6Q Approach and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy and Dream & Power.

For more details, please visit:  Optimize Your Immunity, Beat Coronavirus!

FOR URGENT NEEDS, please contact us.

PS: All participants are subject to the approval of The Prince Synergy.



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