A-Diagnostic: Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less


A-Diagnostic: Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less

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No one tool for all, whether it is Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine or 6Q tools.  With the right tools, many lives can be saved, “injured” can recover, and a lot of $$$$$ can be saved.

This program will evaluate your personal or team health management, help you find the additional tool(s) you need.  At this time, we will help to find the 6Q tools you need, work with your primary, and refer you to other Western or Eastern medical experts as needed.

Our case studies will help you understand how we will help you if you are not sure what we do.

What to Expect?

1. Health issues that are purely stress related (non-health causes) with no significant physical damage often go away quickly, for example,

2. Health issues with mixed health and non-health causes often slow down and recover faster, for example,

  • Recover from an Auto Accident
    Get off Ventilator (3 days), Regain Independence (Spinal rehab,1.5 years)
    Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) beyond 2-year Plateau (pass med licensing exams in 2.5 years)
  • Some individuals may need to adjust their career if their health issue related career-related, for example, an IT manager had more frequent asthma attacks after he took a stressful assignment.

3. For those with cancer, please read this story.

4. Check out custom programs to see if your issue already has an unique solution, for example, Adversity Q, heart attack, TBI, COVID-19, and self-care.

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  • Dream & Power IS NOT a clinic or a hospital, although affiliated with the best healthcare providers.
  • Please call 911 for a life-threatening emergency.


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