Program: Reach Your Optimal Health & Performance!

Program: Reach Your Optimal Health & Performance!




Optimal health and performance are the key to optimal successes.  To eat healthy and excise regularly is only a part as individuals also need to meet challenges,  utilize resources, relieve stress, restore energy, handle setbacks, etc..  While health can shape your performance, your performance in the other aspects can also reshape health.

Each person is an integrated 6Q system.  This program will enable you to know yourself at a personal level, enhance your health and performance through 6Q instead of health, IQ and EQ alone.  This program will also explore your additional development needs in work and life and identify solutions or alternatives to help you be highly efficient in different environments.


  • Achieve optimal performance and health and be able to maintain them under different environments efficiently.
  • Maximize your stress threshold, immunity, self healing and be able to handle more challenges.

Side Benefits:

  • Individuals often look 10-15 years younger than the average.


Who Fits the Program

  • Individuals who desire to reach and keep their optimal performance and health.
  • Individuals who desire to look great, feel great and optimize their natural immunity.
  • Those with some health issues, please register Manage High-cost Claims Efficiently.

What to Expect

  • The Executive 6Q Assessment and 2-4 follow-ups and adjustments.
  • All learning will be customized and designed as easy as possible.
  • For those with needs in leadership and professional skills, we will advise the right leadership program or outside career resource(s).

Leadership Programs that include optimal performance and health:


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