Program: Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau

Program: Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau

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Many people have been told that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has a 2-year plateau and is a “chronic illness.” THAT IS NOT TRUE to many people due to tools and focuses. First, uninjured brain cells have the same DNA and can learn.  The 6Q tools and Eastern medicine can make learning and returning to work easy.  Second, “chronic illnesses” will go away or be corrected easily once the TBI survivors know that they can fully recover.   This program helps Traumatic Brain Injury survivors restore key cognitive function, return to work, and pursue their dreams again!

1. Help TBI survivors goes back to who they were, live with dignity and pursue their dream AGAIN
2. Save the society $85,000~ 3 million LIFETIME treatment costs per person, LIFETIME disability benefits, and get more HAPPY taxpayers. 

Who Can Benefit from Us?
TBI survivors who can learn and have at least 10% of the brain uninjured (many do).
TBI survivors who have a burning desire to pursue their dreams AGAIN.
TBI survivors who are willing to relearn many things and practice.  

What to Expect?
Many TBI survivors can show some results in 8 weeks and achieve much more in 8-10 months. A complete recovery may take years. 

PS: we require TBI survivors to be discharged from the hospital, physical and speech rehab if applicable, before coming to us.

What Makes Us Different? 

  • We help many TBI survivors regain 6Q cognitive function instead of partial.
  • We explore how TBI survivors could be their best and make learning as easy and engaging as possible.
  • We prepare TBI survivors to work and help them sustain their job and excel.
  • Meanwhile, we work with Eastern medicine and TBI survivors’ primary to continue healing if needed,
  • and help TBI survivors fully utilize government and state resources.

How We Help TBI Survivors? 

  • We design custom solutions for each TBI survivor per their potential and development needs.

Your Investments:
Depends on where the survivor is and what needs to be done, which can range from $1500~9,800.

For case studies, video and other information, please read:
Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau, Solve Chronic Illnesses

Please feel free to contact us as needed.


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