Video: Strengthen Adversity Q, Recover Fast, Pursue Dream Again!

Video: Strengthen Adversity Q, Recover Fast, Pursue Dream Again!


Welcome! No one likes setbacks and failures.  Being able to handle the two and rise from them is not only about success but health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

First, let me share a story with you.

Case Study:
Beat Setback & Failure, Stay Healthy!

Not long ago, I ran into Mr. Z at a hospital.  Mr. Z was a great football player at high school and had a very successful business. Unfortunately, he lost all his money in oil market.   He drank heavily ever since and developed cirrhosis and gastric mass in 2 years.  When he was admitted to hospital for vomiting blood, he looked like 70 years old when he was only 42.   I became the first one to discuss Adversity Quotient with him.

Did the hospitals miss anything? 

Yes or no.  Each person is an integrated 6Q system.  Each quotient can impact a person’s health.  Hospitals focused on the health part and failed to address the root cause– Mr. Z’s poor Adversity Quotient (AQ).   Unless he could strengthen his AQ, Mr. Z would keep on going back to the hospitals and getting worse.  Healthcare would become endless symptom relieves, wasting his life and money. 

After rebuilding his AQ, Mr. Z quitted drinking in 1 week. His liver and stomach recovered rapidly in the following 4 weeks.

The world does not challenge only human strengths.  

Many individuals handle setbacks and failures via drinking, smoking, drugs and other unhealthy means due to a poor AQ and develop various health issues.  These significantly increase their risk to COVID-19.

Strengthen your AQ! It is better to build it ahead of time.

Protect your success, health, and wealth!