Case Studies: Get off Ventilator, Recover from the Auto Accident!

Case Studies: Get off Ventilator, Recover from the Auto Accident!

Accidents happen all the time, whether it is an auto accident or a workplace accident. Many high-cost health claims, disabilities, and deaths can be prevented. Below were our Founder’s personal stories after her mother and she were involved in a tragic auto accident in 1997.

Get off Ventilator, Regain Independence

My mother was put on a ventilator in ICU since she could not breathe on her own. About five weeks later, she was diagnosed ventilator-dependent for the rest of her life since she could not improve.  My mom refused to live on the ventilator, so I had to be the one to discontinue her lifeline. I decided to exam her myself first. To my surprise, I found she could breathe by raising and relaxing her diaphragm (abdominal breath). I taught her a new way of breathing. She got off the ventilator in three days. Later she regained her independence through both Eastern and Western medicine.

Almost every doctor knows abdominal breath that humans use during childhood, but it can be hard to go outside the adult area to find tools and save lives.

While it is painful to lose loved ones, loved ones also have the right to live with dignity and make his or her own life decision. I was lucky that I went to medical school and could save my mother.  I would respect her wish and help her had I failed as suicide was not an unwise decision for her.

Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury after 2-Year Plateau

I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the auto accident.  Almost all experts predicted that I could not recover, including experts from Harvard University.  In the meantime, we got zero compensation from the courts.  I cried for a whole night.  Then I decided to apply for a medical license to recover myself and made it. 

I have passed all 3 steps of medical license examinations in 2.5 years, found my residency, and invented the 6Q approach in 2004.  I have also helped every TBI patient I met at the clinic, and all of them achieved significant results.  Read more.