Video: Find Your Missing Tools, Be Your Best, Stay Healthy!

Video: Find Your Missing Tools, Be Your Best, Stay Healthy!

Fulfill Your Dream with Power, Beat Stress-related health Issues,

Many people desire to Be YOur Best & Stay Healthy.”  The video below will show you with case studies why traditional education and career management cannot help you be your best efficiently but contribute to stress-related health issues, and how to find your missing tools and fulfill your dream with power.   If like to know how well you do, take a free “Mini Be Your Best Quiz:”


Today, I want you to look at work, life, and health from a different angle and think differently. 

Most people, from the CEOs at the Fortune 500 companies to students at universities, know if you work too hard, if something happens, you do not feel well or feel worse, rush to the hospital.  That is a correct approach.  However, if you only go to the hospital, most likely the same issue will keep coming back and getting worse.  Why? Because you still missed the tools to meet the challenges.  Many health issues emerge or get worse under stress, called stress-related health issues.  They count for about 70% of primary clinical visits.  We set up Dream & Power to enable people like you to be your best and stay healthy efficiently.

I first helped people deal with stress and stay healthy during my residency.  I noticed that, usually, once I found their missing tools, many got well quickly, including the same day.  Their re-occurrence rates were minimum.  That is how I invented the 6Q whole system approach.  Let’s have a case study.

Case Study 1: Eliminate Insomnia with the Right Law

One time I had a patient who was an attorney.  Because his parents left all their money to him, nothing to his sister, his sister kept on suing the family, and he had to manage.  As time passed by, he developed insomnia and anxiety.  He had been to other firms before he came to me and was quite familiar with standard maneuvers, such as position change.  I asked him if his family had set up a family fund. He said no.  So, I told him, “Set up your family fund, so you do not have to give your 40% to Uncle Sam. Give it to your sister.” The attorney was speechless.  From that day, he needed no more sleeping pills or therapies.  What he needed was a right law.  Once his issue was gone, his health issues disappeared.

Not all health issues are like the attorney’s insomnia.  Still, meeting challenges with the right tools is critical.

Case Study 2: Beat Heart Disease

Most people know CPR.  Now a person with heart disease is saved and ready to go back to work.  What will happen if he cannot meet the next challenge?  The person will collapse again, right?

What if we can identify the skills he needs and make learning easy and fast?  What if we can also evaluate if he is on the right track and help him avoid unsuitable challenges?  Can he achieve his goal easier and quicker with fewer or no health issues?  Of course, he can.  Our success started at clinics in 2004.

Each person has 6Q, IQ, EQ, Learning Q, Adversity Q, Public influence Q and Health Q.   Doctors and hospitals mainly fix health through medicine.  However, individuals also need the other 5Qs to meet their challenges, which are beyond Medicine.   No one tool can solve all issues.  Issues with any of these Qs, especially Adversity Q, can crash a person, and then the challenge-collapse-hospital cycle repeats, medical treatments become endless and expensive symptom relief, which only benefit some doctors and hospitals.

– Heart Cath:          $7,000-11,300

– Heart Stent:         $11,000-41,000

– Heart Bypass:      $70,000-200,000

– Heart Transplant: $780,000- 1,200,000

The Impact of Traditional Education and Career Management

There are many other stress-related health issues, for example, burnout, headache, ulcer, stroke, fast aging, weight gain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc.  Any health issue that emerges or gets worse under stress is stress-related.

Most people miss a few tools to meet their challenges, including self-management.  Besides, poor IQ and poor EQ can result from non-IQ and non-EQ sources where IQ, EQ, and behavior tools have limited power.  Then many “tough issues” in leadership & performance are created.  As the world is changing fast and more “hard issues” surface, healthcare costs continue soaring every year.  Besides, not every doctor and hospital want their patients to find their missing tools due to the conflict of interest.

We have reviewed that each person has 6Qs and hospitals mainly cover a part of health management.  Individuals usually miss some tools in the other 5Q, including self-management, for example, relaxation and energy restoration.   If we empower people with their missing tools, they should achieve their goal faster and better and have fewer or no health issues.  That is what we called “Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less.”  However, traditional education mainly covers half of the human system.

Let’s take a look at the talent and leadership development history.  It has progressed from IQ-> EQ->IQ+ EQ+ some learning Q.  However, the three Qs only cover one half of the human system.  Some people try to use behavior to explore the unknown parts.  However, the same person can behave differently in different environments.   Because all 6Qs are integrated, poor IQ and poor EQ can result from non-IQ and non-EQ sources where IQ, EQ, and behavior tools have limited power.  Then many “tough issues” in leadership & performance are created.  Subsequently, more stress-related issues emerge, which is why healthcare costs continue soaring every year.

Traditional career management also contributes to the cycle as it focuses on personal interest, personality and some learning and skills.  In fact, we also need to know your skills, talent, and levels to determine your talent type and direction.   To advance career effectively, you also need other potential and stability down the road, for example, whether you can continue learning, utilize new knowledge efficiently; if you can be cool in the storm and restore your energy efficiently.  There are many other issues and solutions, including how to maintain your optimal performance.  It can be very struggling for individuals to identify these additional elements, and it can be very time-consuming.

What should you do?  Find missing tools to meet existing challenges and stay healthy now.  In the long run, you need to get on the right track to avoid unsuitable problems, have the right tools to advance career efficiently and be your doctor first, so you can be your best and stay healthy.  We provide Assessment, Consultation, Training, and Management to help you at different stages.   One thing I need to mention is that your 6Q data is usually valid for 2 years in the absence of significant events, which means that you can use the same data to handle other challenges and crises.

Case Study 3: Shoot Burnout, Save His Job!

Let’s have another case study.  This case is about an executive who had MBA and ten years of experience at a well-known leadership consulting firm in roles from consultant to local VP.  He was promoted to Regional Manager to boost regional sales and minimize turnover. Two months later, while sales remained flat, turnover got worse.  In the meantime, his wife was pregnant, very unhappy as Mr. B spent a great deal of time away from home due to the new job. By the time when I met him, he was burned out, contemplating if he should resign.

I did Executive 6Q Assessment for him and found many excellent characteristics in consulting and leadership.  He was also weak in sales, marketing, public influence, emotional expression, and energy restoration, and others.  These weaknesses were not significant to a local VP but significant to a Regional Manager.  There was no way I could address so many issues at one time, so I chose to optimize his emotional expression and teach him to share his professional stress with his wife, gain her support, and later connect with his clients.  It was 30-minutes training.  He eliminated his family crisis.  A week later, he became more confident about his job.

So, through 90 minutes of assessment, 30 minutes of training, plus my staying up late to read his Executive 6Q Assessment, the man made a breakthrough and saved his job and region.


We have reviewed that work life and health are integrated, which is why health issues can have non-health causes, poor IQ, and EQ performance can result from non-IQ and non-EQ resources. Traditional education and Career management mainly reveal pieces of human performance instead of the whole. Unless we can target issues with the right tools, more hard matters and stress-related health issues will be created.

Each person is built uniquely.  Unlike a computer, human performance can fluctuate under internal and external turbulence.  Not everyone has what they should.  However, today is no longer yesterday.  By evaluating all 6Q elements, we can make wise investments.   By targeting issues with the right tools, we often can achieve results in weeks or days instead of years or months, the attorney and the Regional manager are good examples.

A lot of time can be saved, and many dreams can come true.  Everyone deserves to be their best and stay healthy.  The 6Q technology enables you to fulfill your dream with power.

Again, look at the big picture, think differently, and then ask yourself what you need at your stage and in the long run. Above all, do not give up before consulting The Prince Synergy Dream & Power even if your issue is impossible to anyone else!  I mean ANYONE else!