Beat the Rising Healthcare Costs

Rising healthcare costs have been destroying the competitiveness of businesses and the nation and bankrupting millions of families.  Big copay and deduction cannot save money effectively.  No primary care can create more ER visits.  In fact, businesses can take care of its employee, beat the rising healthcare cost, and in the meantime, improve healthcare quality and productivity.  How?

  1. Minimize the 70% of clinical visits secondary to non-health causes.
  2. Minimize unnecessary Emergency Room (ER) visits that count for 1/3 of total healthcare costs in the US.
  3. Enable your team to take care of self and utilize healthcare efficiently to minimize costs in the rest 30%.

Studies found about 70% of primary clinical visits are stress-related, for example, heart attack, stroke, insomnia, diabetes, weight gain, etc.  Stress is mainly due to the lack of the right tool to meet challenges, relax and restore self.   The strategy to minimize the 70% of clinical visits is to find the missing tool to meet challenges besides relieving symptoms.  Otherwise, businesses need to pay endless and expensive symptom relieves, including expensive emergency room (ER) visits, because healthcare IS NOT set to find the missing tools.  Our success started at clinic in 2004.  However, the best practice is to or meet challenge with the right tools.

For the rest of 30% visits due to healthcare causes, individuals should learn to take care of self and fully utilize healthcare system to minimize chronic, disability and death, and recognize while-coat wolfs efficiently.  Here are two good examples.

Then what can be the challenges down the road?

  • Clinical mistakes show many people don’t have the right knowledge to take care of self.
  • Many people go to ER due to lack of knowledge or no primary care physicians.
  • Not every doctor has the best knowledge or keep patients’ best interest in mind.
  • Traditional IQ, EQ and behavior tools cannot empower individuals to handle non-IQ and non-EQ issues and avoid SRHI efficiently as each person is an integrated 6Q system.
  • Businesses may not task talent properly since they cannot know their talent at a personal level through IQ and EQ tools & behaviors

We provide what is missing — link health management with talent management and enable clients to use healthcare system efficiently.

Who would benefit from us?

Businesses who desire to minimize healthcare cost and optimize productivity.

The article below will give you more why and how we help clients.   Please schedule an appointment with us.