Beat the Rising Healthcare Costs

Rising healthcare costs have been destroying the competitiveness of every business and the nation.  Some companies use high co-pays and deductions to reduce costs but often make small problems big or impossible and hurt work performance and loyalty.  Some self-insure but cannot control costs efficiently.  In fact, they can beat the rising healthcare cost and optimize team health, productivity and loyalty if they can handle what is missing in traditional approaches:

  • Healthcare cannot find the missing tools to meet challenges and therefore can become expensive and endless symptoms relieves.
  • IQ and EQ cannot solve non-IQ and non-EQ issues.  Behavior tools cannot anticipate development and health needs nor take early action. Studies have found about 70% of primary clinical visits are stress-related or due to lack of the right tools to meet challenges.
  • Not every doctor has the best knowledge and ethic.  Many surgeries, expensive drugs, chronic illnesses, disabilities, and deaths are avoidable. 

We provide what is missing and beyond.

Who would benefit from us?

Businesses who desire to minimize healthcare cost and optimize healthcare quality, productivity, creativity and loyalty.
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